If… A Million Ways to Do It Differently

Fotolia_2579196_Subscription_LIf every day you woke up and said to yourself, “Today I am going to be miserable” or “Today nothing is going to go my way” what would you expect your day to be like? And what if you said those things to yourself and something good happened… Would you be excited or would you discount the good by coming up with the only negative thing you could possibly think of or perhaps feel like it would never last because it never does?

When we live in a negative world we lose our ability to truly believe. We hope but yet we have experienced so much bad in life that we don’t believe we are worthy or deserving of good things to happen to us. Does that sound like you? Are you stuck in a place where no matter how much you hope… You really don’t believe you’ll ever be happy or live the life you dream of living?

As long as we choose doubt and disbelief you will experience both. As hard as it may seem though it is your expectations that keep you in this place where you say you don’t want to be. Until you’re ready to have a little faith and hold that positive belief you’ll continue down the path of receiving what you say is what you don’t want. Try one of these Simple Steps to turn your journey in a new direction:

  • Choose something small in your life that you want to change.   For example if you want to get in shape but are drawn to the cookies and candy sections at the grocery store, before you even enter the store,  set your intention to not go down  those aisles.  As you are doing your shopping and feel the sugar pulling you in… stop.  Recall your intention and repeated it to yourself.  Smile and set your cart in the direction of what you came to buy.  Do that every time you go shopping and pretty soon you’ll realize your success.
  • If the hammer always falls on your head at work then you’re probably accustom to absorbing the pain.  Set your intention to learn from every experience that you face.  When something occurs that you see as hurtful or bad for you, ask yourself what you can learn from what just happened. It may be as simple as realizing what sets off your boss or as complex as changing how you work to be more efficient.  When you realize how to work differently notice how the hammer stops falling.  Pretty soon you’ll be expecting a more harmonious work place and that’s what you’ll get.
  • Just say “No!.”  This is my personal favorite.  Every time a doubt or negative thought comes into my head I say “NO!  That isn’t working for me.”  Then I follow that with what I choose to believe. For example, “I am making healthier choices and will do so right now.”  

There are as many opportunities to experience the good in life as you choose to allow.  Give yourself the chance to succeed and allow success to flow into your life.  It is all your choice!

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