What’s Your Sign?

Fotolia_7743548_Subscription_LNo, not your astrological sign… Your sign of progress?   When was the last time that you paid attention to the signs that were showing up for you?

If you have been intent on positively moving forward in your life then the signs are all around you.  You just have to learn to recognize them.

Let’s say you’ve been focusing on what you want financially.  I learned from reading my dear friend Boni Lonnsburry’s new book, The Map, that a sign could be finding a penny on the sidewalk, or finding money in a pocket that I’d forgotten about or even the good fortune of another. The interesting thing about it is that signs can be in the form of another’s success too as you are witnessing what you want surrounding you.

The signs of prosperity are not limited to receiving copious amounts of cash.  Here are a few more I’ve noticed:

  •  a check for another person delivered to me an error
  •  dear friend thanking me by giving me a pair of earrings she made
  •  a bill I expected to receive arrives and it is less than I thought it would be

Perhaps what you’ve been focusing on is finding a new career.  Here are a few signs that you may have overlooked:

  • a friend that had been out of work for a long time found a new job
  • you received an email from a company opening a new business in your area
  • you noticed a book about working for yourself when you were walking through a store

 If you are looking for a loving relationship signs might include:

  •  seeing a poster with hearts on it  
  •  receiving a call from someone trying to find an old flame
  •  a couple holding hands when they look over and smile at you

Sometimes we look for grand gestures, something that is so clear and obvious, that we miss all the other signs that are given to us.  When you are truly positively focused then everything that you encounter,  in the area you have set your intentions on, is a sign.  Celebrate every one of them and discover how many more come your way.

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