Your Dream, Your Opinion… Your Guiding Light

Fotolia_35956847_Subscription_XXLWe all have dreams.  Perhaps we don’t know exactly how to make them happen… but we know what we want.  If you are working on yours there is bound to be someone who wants to tell you what you “should” be doing.  From a passing comment to an intense tongue lashing and everything in between… everyone has an opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do.  In the end though remember that this is YOUR dream.

When I first started writing it was all about focusing on the positive aspects of life.  I didn’t know much about “what” I was doing but I did know what I wanted.  I wanted to share positive messages and inspiration because I believe they far out number the negative ones. If we spread the positivity far and wide we can drown out the negativity.

Along this journey though I’ve been lectured to by self-professed gurus, chastised because support and inspiration don’t pay the bills and then berated for wanting to make a living from doing this… what I love to do.   You may have experienced similar encounters along your journey too.

There is no one else who has ever had your exact dream.  Sure there  similarities. It is however your vision and your commitment that makes your dream your own. Anyone else’s opinions or advice are just that… theirs.  Take it for what it’s worth to you.  If it does nothing more than stress you out or have you feeling bad about yourself, dump it.

Remember always that your dream is your responsibility, your gift to yourself and the world… and the reason why you are here, on earth, right now.  Everyone else is here for their dreams too… not for yours.   Stand up for your dreams and  make sure your opinion remains your guiding light!


On a personal note…

It’s taken me 3 years, partnering with other positive people, inspirational visionaries and the encouragement from everyone who keeps Simple Steps in their tool box… to move my dream into reality.  In March I’ll launch Simple Steps Real Change Magazine which provides practical advice for real life from a new generation of inspirational leaders. Thank you for being my inspiration!  With love, Cheryl 


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