Rant It Out

Fotolia_94559_Subscription_LHave you ranted lately?  Has something just got under your skin and you can’t let it go?  Are you holding it in? Whether someone has cut you off in traffic, says something that struck you the wrong way or you are experiencing something annoying, until you let it go you’re letting it control you. And if you are holding it in and suppressing your feelings… it will come back to haunt you…  usually when you don’t need it to.

If you give  into your rant and allow yourself to vent it out, safely, you clear up the negative energy that is consuming you.    The key is to do so in an environment where you are alone and can’t be overheard.

Whether you take five minutes or half a day give yourself the time to express what’s bothering you and why.    When you’re all done think about what you could do now or could have done differently that will make you feel better.  If there is nothing you can do acknowledge that.  If there is something that you will do differently in the future, should this ever happen again, save that knowledge for when you need it.

By getting what’s bothering you out of your system you give yourself the gift of free space.  It is from that space that what you do next will  be more positive.   And that is always good.    And that always feels better.

With love, Cheryl

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