Your Choice… Your Life

Fotolia_32451723_Subscription_XXLWhat are you waiting for?  Why are your dreams on hold?  Why do you believe someone else has to approve of your plans?

We seem to think that something outside of us or someone else knows more than we do about our dreams.  We wait, seeking approval, believing for some reason that were not entitled to pursue what makes us happy if someone else doesn’t agree with us.

Until we let go of this thinking we are not living the lives that we came here to experience.  We are marking time, watching life pass us by and missing out on what we truly desire to do.

If you feel this way… You are not alone.  The question becomes are you passionate about your dreams enough to stand up for them and for yourself?  Until you are it’s too easy to be dissuaded or discouraged.  Until you’re ready to forge ahead in the face of naysayers and unsupportive friends and family… Or others… Stay where you are.  There is nothing worse than starting out without a true commitment, getting discouraged or “failing”, and ending up feeling even worse about yourself.

Today’s Simple Step is to decide what matters most to you.  Is it more important for you to stay in your comfort zone or to step out of it?  Only you can make this decision.  Whatever you choose is okay.  Because this is your life.  And it is… That simple.

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