Minimize the Pain

August-15Pain grabs us.  It tears at our heart until we can’t stand it any longer.  At that moment we feel like we’ll never survive it… let alone get over it.  Yet… deep inside our soul there is hope.  We may just not realize it at the moment.

Note that the quote says that “The moments of our pain are superficial…” Pain is real and something we will experience in our lifetime. Even the person you think has a charmed life has known pain.

It is the moments we spend in pain that determine how we come through it.

If you believe there is a reason for everything then you also believe you may not always know what that is.  When I lost my financial security, when my dad died suddenly, when Jack was diagnosed with cancer… I asked “why.”  The pain was unbelievable.  By choosing to have faith that the reason will be revealed in the right time… the pain at this time is also minimized. Here is what I’ve learned so far from my pain:

  • I know now that I “lost” my job to discover Simple Steps.
  • My dad’s death enabled me to discover a mother I never knew.
  • Jack’s illnesses have shown me strength and courage, his and mine.

Do I wish all these things never happened and I could have learned the lessons in a less painful way? Absolutely! But they have and by looking deep within my soul I can see their purpose.  Hindsight may be 20-20… however if we choose to go within at the moment of our pain we can find the comfort we need to minimize the immediate pain.  It’s all a choice.


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