Choose to Live Your Life Your Way

83162960Are you sick and tired of every one trying to tell you what you should do?  Do you have family and friends who disapprove of who you spend your time with,  your business plans or just how you are living your life?  Do you want to know when they are just going to let you life your life your way?

Guess what…  they aren’t keeping you from doing anything.  You are.

Perhaps it seems like they are throwing stones or putting up roadblocks… but what they are doing is based on their life and their experience.  In most cases they honestly believe they are trying to help or even “save” you from the mistakes they have made.  One size does not fit all though.

You have to decide what’s important to you and then proceed by choice.  If you’re in flux or unsure remember you don’t have to do anything until you feel differently.  Short of a true emergency there is nothing you have to do right now.  If you will remember that then you give yourself the time you need to make a decision that is right for you. And when you do then you’re less likely to be deterred by even those who seem to have made it their mission to stop you.

Practice this Simple Step when you want to make it clear this is your life and your choice:

  • Start with gratitude.  Remember they are well intentioned.  Thank them for caring enough to share their thoughts & opinions.
  • Now let them know that you’re going to make or have made the decision that is right for you and ask for them to support your choice.
  • If they are unwilling to do so then let them know that you consider the matter closed.  If they still want to persist in questioning or arguing with you then walk away or discontinue the conversation.  You have no reason to continue to listen to them when you’ve made your position clear.  You may even decide that you need to end the relationship.

Live your life by your choices.  Anything else is not living your life.

With love,  Cheryl


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