When was the last time you took a breath?

What would happen if you stopped rushing around in your craziness right now? 

Would you take the time to breathe or would you worry about everything that isn’t getting done? 

How do you think stopping for a break would effect what you “have” to do? 

I used to think that running full throttle was efficient and that I was accomplishing so much in the day, the job, the life.  And then I had a forced slow down.  It wasn’t an easy time… but as with anything hindsight is 20/20.  It was from that place of calm that I could look back and realize all that rushing around, the last minute chaos did more harm than good.  Sure perhaps the house was clean or I delivered a project ahead of time.  But at what cost? 

When we think that everything has to get done, done now and we have to do it all… we lose.  We speed along like adrenaline junkies and when we do stop we think of 15 more things we need to do… and the cycle repeats itself tomorrow and the next day… and the next day.  

And along the way we forget that we’re here to experience the joys of life.  In some cases we forget what joy is.  If you find yourself there… especially at this time of year try this Simple Step:

  • Set aside 10 minutes every day, first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed at night. 
  • Create a list of everything you believe you need to accomplish for the day and only this day. 
  • Review the list and cross out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  For example you don’t have to wash your teenager’s clothes, run to the store to buy anything you’re not going to use that day or organize your “in box” at work, again.  Visualize those items being turned over to the universe to handle.   You might even discover that they didn’t need to be on your list in the first place. 
  • With what remains on your list what can you ask someone else to do? If you really need groceries can you send your partner or teenagers?  Is there someone you work with that has capacity and you can delegate to?  Do it. 
  • What remains?  Whatever it is… is significantly less than what you started with.  Take 10 minutes… or more depending on how much time you freed up… and do something that you find joy in doing! 

There isn’t anything about life that is a race to the finish.  Take the time to enjoy each day…  It is the day you’ve been given. 

With love, 

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