Peel the Layers & Discover Your Essence with Linda Joy

Linda Joy, Author, Publisher of Aspire Magazine and Conscious Business Catalyst shares her journey from being a welfare mom to becoming a woman dedicated to inspiring the lives of women, one soul at a time.  Listen in as she talks about her journey… where every fear and every success enabled her to peel back a layer revealing more of her essence… the truth of who she has always been.  Linda’s energy and passion for touching lives radiates from every word, born of a life of challenges and triumphs.  Be prepared to be touched, changed and inspired.

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Linda launched the new Aspire Magazine Website.  Click here to check it out!

Linda’s Bio:

With no formal marketing education or background, Ms Joy’s intuitive, authentic marketing model had brought her multi-media publishing brands to a highly responsive global audience. In late 2009, Ms. Joy relaunched Aspire Magazine on a digital platform using the 5 Success Principles that she created. Within the first 100 days of implementing her new system Aspire had a global subscriber base of over 10,000 women who embraced Aspire’s “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women”.

Ms. Joy passionately serves two distinct audiences. In her role as a Bestselling Inspirational Publisher and Interviewer she serves an audience of female readers and listeners who embrace her brand’s message of love, inspiration and authenticity and have come to expect the best in inspirational content.

In her role as Conscious Business Catalyst Linda is a passionate advocate and supporter in assisting heart-centered female entrepreneurs in bringing their wisdom, gifts and message to her global audience in a ways that allows them to authentically connect with women around the world. Her in-depth multi-media marketing packages provide women with powerful and intimate ways to connect with their target audience. Ms Joy also works one on one with select women in bringing their authentic voice and message to their marketing.

Check out her websites:

Authentic Conversations with Extraordinary Women – Free Inspirational Audio series with Extraordinary Women
A Juicy, Joyful Life – Bestselling Book published by Inspired Living Publishing
Inspired Living Publishing  – Linda’s inspirational book publishing company
Embracing Your Authentic Self – Amazon International Bestseller in Happiness, Personal Development & Motivational
Linda Joy – Personal website

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