Why So Slow?

I’ve spent a good portion of this past week working on a website and all the technology stuff that goes with it.  It seems that everything I touch is slug slow and frustrating.  This little microcosm is really representative of how I feel when something isn’t happening as quickly as I’d like it to.

Do you ever feel that way about something in your life?  Is your relationship, job, financial situation suspended in time or moving at a snail’s pace?  Do you get frustrated and consider just throwing in the towel because “it isn’t going to happen anyway?”

In these last few years I’ve learned a thing or two about how time moves including:

  • Wanting something yesterday or even just right now robs us of enjoying today.
  • When focus on what we don’t have it never feels good.
  • Instant gratification only feels good for an instant.  Then we want something more, different, bigger or better.  And the cycle repeats itself.

Rather than aspiring for a short-lived high try this Simple Step to enjoy every moment of “now:’

  • Take a look at the environment around you and notice what you like.
  • Acknowledge what had to happen for you to do, be or have that joy. Give thanks.

When you appreciate what you have… you open your life up to experience more of what brings you joy.   Repeat this every time you find yourself wanting anything… then appreciate the anticipation of what may be a long and fulfilling experience.  Stay in this moment.  The next one comes as it needs to.

With love, Cheryl


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