It’s Not Up to “Them”…

Do you get really tired of your family, friends and others telling you what they think you should do?   Or maybe it’s a commercial on TV or the radio depicting what you could or should do, be or have.  Or my absolute favorite… a big time guru tells you why you should buy their program to make your life amazing.

What you do in life is not up to “them.”  And by “them” I mean anyone other than you.  None of us needs to be told how to live our lives because everything we need to know about how to do that… well, we already know it.  It resides deep within our soul.  All we have to do is be quiet and listen to our own voice.

Anytime you’ve had a feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something… that’s your inner voice speaking up.  Here are a few examples from my own life that may help you remember some of your own:

  • The message that said to slow down when I was driving just before a ball came bouncing out into the road… followed by a child.
  • The feeling that I should not buy or buy into a program that a speaker was telling me I had to have.
  • The voice that said someone was not being forthright and I should ask more questions.

Our inner voice is speaking to us all day long… we just have to learn to listen.  What is in our soul never steers us wrong… it is who we are.  We just have to pay attention… and learn to trust it.

If you’re new to listening to yourself then start, simply.  When you hear your voice… take note.  Write down the words or feelings that come to you.  Keep a journal if that works for you then review it often.

In time you’ll begin to see the wisdom of your voice… of your soul and you’ll know that you’re doing what’s best for you. And that is a fabulous feeling!

With love, Cheryl

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