Evolution is Your Right

Are you growing as a  person yet your children, your friends… even  your partner want you to be the same ‘ole you?   Does your change in some way make others feel insecure or… like they are being left behind?  Are you getting grief on your journey to being who you are meant to be?

Just as change is inevitable… your evolution is too and it is your birthright!  While there are times when perhaps you’d like to look or move like you did a couple of decades back… you’re  not a”Stepford wife (or husband)!”  The same is true for who you  are as a person.  You grow… you learn and you come into your own.

When others are resisting your change it is usually because they don’t understand… or they feel they aren’t your priority any more.  For anyone who is important in your life and who is railing against your evolution there is a Simple Step to help them through your transition.

It all comes down to communication.  Yes it’s your life… and, yes, you do not own anyone an explanation.  However we’re talking about people who are important to you… which means you do care about how they feel.  Try this Simple Step to ease their stress and make them more comfortable with the new you:

  • Ask them what it is about your changing that is worrisome to them.  Sometimes just asking the question and listening to their answer enables them to let go of their fear.
  • Restate, in your words, what you heard their concerns to be and ask them if that is a correct understanding.  Refine your summary until they are sure you “get it.”  This is all about them knowing they have been heard.
  • Now, and speaking directly from your heart, explain why what you’re doing in your life is about fulfilling your dreams and desires.
  • Let them know that you would like their support because they are important to you and that you are open to talk about their concerns.  This does not mean you will change anything you are doing but if you can keep the communication lines open it will make your changing easier on both of you.

When simple communication reduces the stress of a loved one… you can eliminate your own stress.  You are changing and that is what you need to focus on.  Take the communication Simple Step and you make your journey smoother!

With love, Cheryl


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