Change Management – It’s Your Choice

Nothing in life is permanent.  You change, others change, life changes.

If change occurs and we aren’t flexible enough to understand …  we are the ones that end up being hurt, disappointed… even disillusioned. That’s not to say we have to like every change that is thrust upon us.

As you’ve traveled along in life what you’ve wanted for yourself has changed.   That’s true for just about everyone.  Do you remember your high school crush that you promised you’d love forever?  You probably aren’t still with them.  Perhaps you made a commitment to a company and they went out of business.  Or maybe one day you woke up and realized that all the struggles in your relationship were weighing heavily on your soul.

We can choose to deal with change gracefully and with an eye towards creating a better life… or we can exhaust our energy struggling and railing against it.

What you resist… persists.

When you are faced with any type of significant change, the kind that is going to occur whether you want  it to or not, try this Simple Step to reduce your own stress:

  1. Turn your attention to what the best possible outcome would be.
  2. Ask yourself what would you have to do in order to achieve that outcome.
  3. Create a “to do” list for yourself to accomplish this new goal. Yes… it is your goal!  Prioritize your list and do one thing on the list, immediately.

Taking action to create the new reality of your choice empowers you!  With each item you check off your list, celebrate!  You are living now by your choice… and that feels so much better than not…

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