Take Your Plan Off the Drawing Board – Strategies for Success

How many great ideas are floating around in your head… or maybe have even made it onto paper only to be stuck there?  Do you feel frustrated that you don’t have time to make your dreams come true?  Is life getting in the way of your success?

Should I remind you… You are not alone!  There should be some comfort there… but if you really want to move from where you are to where you want to be then you have to stand up and take a stand for you.

I am at that point in my life, my vision for Simple Steps and my passion to help you realize there is a Simple solution for every challenge in life.  And when I get this way… I turn my passion to focus on you… because that’s what Simple Steps has always been about… helping you to take a Simple Step towards that dream of yours, that happier place in life.  If you are ready to take charge of your dreams and make them come true try these Simple Steps:

  • Before you do anything you have to get clear about what exactly you want to accomplish.  For example if you want to be in the best physical condition of your life then you need to define what that means, to you.  I added the “to you” because you need to live by your definitions not someone else’s opinion about what that should be.  Perhaps it is being physically toned and strong or maybe  you have a reasonable goal weight you would like to achieve.
  • Once you’re clear on what you want to do then create a list or blueprint on how to get there.  Using the prior example you may want to drink more water, eat a higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet, do some type of aerobic exercise most days and work with weights or exercise bands 3 days a week.
  • Now that you have a list, prioritize it.  You may have to break down each item on your list a little bit more.  If working out 3 days a week is too much for you to start out with then create a plan on how long it will take you to work up to that.  Include each of those gradual changes into your list.
  • Take a Simple Step!  Perhaps you start by working out one day a week.  Once you have mastered that step… take another item from your list and take that step next.  The first one is now a habit so you are only adding one new Simple Step at a time.

When you have taken your first Simple Step towards you goal be sure to congratulate yourself.  You will feel fabulous!  And you’ll be on the path to YOUR success!

With love, Cheryl

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