You Are Defining Yourself How ?????

Excerpt from Simple Steps for Real Life by Cheryl L. Maloney

When you are asked who you are, how do you respond? Do you define yourself by your marital status, your job, as a parent? Do you see yourself through your accomplishments? Or do you describe yourself by some event in your life?

You probably have friends that refer to themselves as “losers,” “unlovable” and even “stupid.” What we call ourselves is how we see ourselves. As long as we stay steeped in negativity, that’s all we experience.

For those of you who are trying to find Real Change in your life … how are these labels working for you?

  • Remember:
  • Every time we say we’re “challenged,” we are.
  • Every time we think we’re “a failure,” we are.
  • Every time we think we’re “resourceful,” we are.
  • Every time we think we’re “loved,” we are.

We become what we think about, so why not start with thinking the best of ourselves?
When you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself, try this Simple Step and discover the Real Change!

  • Stop. Say “NO! That thought doesn’t serve me. I am not that person. I am resourceful/loved/creative/smart/happy” (fill in the positive words that describe who you really are).
  • Repeat every single time the negativity creeps into your head.

When we change how we think about ourselves, we change our lives. It’s that Simple! And it feels great!

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