When It Just Seems Too Hard…

Been through the fight of your life?  Recovering from illness, addiction, a bad break up? The love of your life died… or is fighting for his or her life.   Do you feel like every step you take is an uphill struggle and it’s just too hard?  Do you just want to catch a break? Or do you want a loved one to catch that break… because you’re watching them struggle?

There are some challenges, events in life that are just too hard. We have to go through the pain… there is no way around it.  Pain reminds us that we are alive.  And yes… we’d like there to be a different way.

When you feel like it’s all just too hard and you desperately need a break try this Simple Step:

  • Find you center.  This requires you to take a few minutes every day to be alone.  Close the door, turn off the phone,or go somewhere no one can interrupt you.  Take a few deep breaths and feel the life flowing through your body.  At this moment you are alive in the simplest form.  Acknowledge that.
  • Next close your eyes and focus on your breath.  As you inhale imagine healing white light entering your body with your breath.  Visualize the healing white light swirling through your body and surrounding your pain.  Your heart, your soul, your mind… or the part of your body that hurts.
  • Feel the white light bathe you in healing energy.  Stay in that place for as long as you can, even if that is only a few moments.
  • When you are done give thanks for the healing.  As you do you encourage more to take place.

Getting past the pain takes time… and in that time you need to be kind to yourself.  No matter what you are going through there is an end to it.  You’ll get there sooner if you take the time to encourage your mind, your body and your soul to heal.   Yes, sometimes it is just hard.  But you can and will get through it… if you focus on the healing.

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