How Life’s Challenges Make Your Stronger – a Personal Journey

As I sit here writing we are a few days away from Jack’s surgery.  We never expected to be in this place again.  After all the cancer was supposed to be gone with the last surgery and radiation.  Somewhere between the shock and the reality the question popped up… why are we going through this again?

This is however two years later and the journey we’ve taken to today has prepared us for this moment.  No… I don’t wish this on my worst enemy.  However I also know that we are stronger now than we were the first time, better informed… and definitely not falling into the black hole of despair.  Been there, done that, not going back!

Why?  Well… you’ve heard the adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  It’s true. We are both living proof of that.  And with every new challenge that comes our way we find ourselves adapting and doing so more quickly than in the past.  So this time… this part of our journey is what it is… an experience we are going to grow from.

The same is true for whatever is going on in your life.  Whether you’re starting over again later in life,  dealing with medical, financial or work challenges…  or feel like you’re in the middle of too much stress and turmoil…  You can use this experience to your advantage.  You can use it to become the person you’re meant to be.  And if you know that you’ll realize you can handle anything that comes your way.

Since the day I started Simple Steps it has been my mission to be an open book.  If you understood my journey, with all the roadblocks, potholes and crevasses… and you were able to see that no matter how dire… we can thrive despite them… then perhaps you’d find the strength to maneuver around yours. I hope that what we provide in blogs, posts & our books helps you.  That is why we exist…  Thank you for being here with us.

With love, Cheryl

2 thoughts on “How Life’s Challenges Make Your Stronger – a Personal Journey

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was just saying those exact words at a meeting I was attending. I lost my partner in October and it was the greatest loss of my life. I like you decided I’m not going into the depths of despair. I can feel the pain and walk through it with my dignity and self respect in tact and keep loving and nurturing myself through the whole process which I have done. Not easy but doable. There are days when I think I can’t do this anymore but something inside keeps saying yes you can and you will and I do. Its a double edged sword. The letting go and the moving on and when I’m feeling like theres nothing I can’t do or overcome I feel centred and focused and know that the blessing in all of this is the opportunity to be alone and to know I can depend on myself cause I a strong and courageous woman who can overcome all things. Each time I go through something as you say one becomes stronger more empathetic and understanding what a gift I have been given. Thanks You Pauline Leroux

    1. Pauline,
      First… I am so sorry for the loss of your partner. You are an amazingly strong and resourceful person… and you’re right it isn’t always easy but you keep moving forward… one foot in front of the other, yes… but more than that you are walking in courage. You sure must be an inspiration to all who are witnessing your journey and I’m grateful that you shared your life with me!
      Namaste’, with love, Cheryl

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