A Little Perspective…

We all go through our share of challenges.  Trials & tribulations.  Call then by any name you want but they are life changing… and each one is personal and real. When we have to start over in life it helps to have a little perspective… as hard as that may be to realize when we’re in the most difficult part of our experiences. Tonight I gained that perspective. 

I was talking to a Facebook friend for the first time in a couple of years.  The last time we messaged back and forth she was talking about her dream… that she and her husband would be able to return to Seattle.  At that time Jack had just gone through cancer surgery and was preparing for radiation treatment.  We didn’t know his prognosis… we didn’t know if his condition was life threatening…

As I talked to my friend tonight I learned that her husband had been killed suddenly last month in a motorcycle accident.  He was doing what he loved… but in an instant her life changed. ​ She found herself alone… without the love of her life. 

This week Jack & I learned that he has more cancer that has to be removed.  We went in for what was to be a consultation to repair some damage from the prior radiation only to have this bomb dropped on us.  He’ll undergo extensive surgery to remove cancer cells from a nerve in his head, then go through facial reconstruction and skin grafts because the radiated skin can’t be repaired.  Jack’s condition however is not life threatening.

I gained some much needed perpective tonight.  There is always going to be someone who is going through something worse…  

So tonight I give thanks that Jack will be fine in the end…  To my friend and all the others starting over I send prayers and love.  

If you know of anyone who has found themselves alone… be a friend.  Even if you don’t know what to say… be there…  ​Maybe you’ve been where they are and understand what they are going through… or maybe you haven’t.  But wouldn’t you want your friends around you if you were? 

Tonight is about perspective.  It helps us all. 

​With Love, Cheryl 

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