Releasing the Stress…

There was a book written years ago, “First You Cry.”  Betty Rollin,  an NBC news correspondent diagnosed with breast cancer, wrote this book.  She used her experience to transform her life.. To start over again…

When I was growing up crying, showing emotion at all, was a sign of weakness.   As I’ve aged I’ve realized that freely expressing genuine emotion is a strength.  Why… because I’m confident enough in my own “being” that what flows from me has meaning.  I need to embrace it.

I have been thinking about this phrase, “First You Cry.”   As we deal with whatever life throws at us having a good cry is a blessing.  It allows the emotions to flow out of us in all their glory and once that happens there is space in our heart and soul for healing.

As we deal with starting over in some part of our lives allow ourselves to feel the full weight of our emotions is not only our right… but a necessary step to being able to move forward.  Until we release what is hanging over us… we’re tethered to what was.  While it is just fine to acknowledge and appreciate the past… we can learn from it…  to hold it in and allow it to be a noose around our necks serves no purpose.

If you are starting over take the time to release your stress in whatever manner works for you.  While it is always ideal to be in a safe environment… remember that you are doing what is necessary to free you to start over, your way.   Allow yourself to!

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