Quit “Trying”

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Throughout our lives we “try” to improve ourselves, our relationships, our outlook on life and a million other big and small aspects of our existence.  Some we fall short of accomplishing.  Some we succeed and some we just allow to fade away into the woodwork.

But what if every time you “try” you just “did” it instead? Sure sometimes what you do doesn’t work out… yet you have learned something in the process and that’s an accomplishment! And every accomplishment is a success!

Here are a few examples:

  • Dieting – You have a day that you aren’t on plan and you realize it’s because you had a little too much wine and with it went your resolve.  You’ve learned that if you’re going to drink that you eat more.  That’s a lesson you can use today or next week.
  • Relationships – You and your partner can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to where you’re going to live.  Every time the subject comes up it ends up being an argument. You know then that having this discussion right now isn’t helping your relationship so you table it.  Instead have a discussion about not being on the same page, yet, and agree to reconsider the options when you’re both ready to make a change.  In this example you’ve recognized what isn’t working out as you’d like it to and you’ve used that knowledge to find a more peaceful place for both of you.
  • Money – You want to save for a new car or house yet you are using your credit card to pay for something fun because after all you work hard and deserve it.  You’ve learned that if you take your credit card with you it’s easy to pull it out at will.  Instead you leave your credit card at home when you’re running errands or lock it away in a safety deposit box.  You can access it in an emergency but by eliminating the daily temptation you’re not giving up what you really want (the car, home) for something now.  Celebrate that lesson!

Everything comes down to a matter of perspective. “Trying” and “Failing” is discouraging. “Doing” and “Learning” is empowering!  What would you rather do? 

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