Starting Over In A Nurturing Environment

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This morning I was talking to my good friend Mary.  Our lives seem to be running on a parallel course although we’ve never met in person.  It’s so good to have someone to talk to who understands because we’ve walked in similar shoes.  We both are starting over in so many ways. 

My story is an open book.  I am starting over financially which includes my career. And while the mistakes of my past may not have been my finest hours I am not embarrassed by then.  Why?  Because I have learned so much along the way and it is that education that enables me to write, connect with like minded souls… but mostly to help others who are starting over. 

If you are experiencing your own reversal of fortune… whether financially, emotionally, career, living arrangements… what ever it is… here are some Simple Steps that you can make to create the most supportive, nurturing environment to help you along your path of rediscovering you:

  • Focus on what you know now that you didn’t know when you made the mistake or judgment that now you wouldn’t repeat.   When you do this you’re putting your attention on how much smarter and wiser you are now compared to before.  We all make decisions based on the best possible information we had at the time.  When the information changes or experience teaches us differently then we make new decisions, more informed decisions… and in that we have learned.  Celebrate your education! 
  • Don’t subject yourself to friends and family who don’t understand and appreciate what you’re going through.  For example, if your financial position has changed and at the moment retirement is the last thing you can think about, don’t spend your time with your friend who is complaining about only having 10 days to spend in Paris.  You don’t need it, right now.  At another time this won’t bother you but until you gain that strength don’t subject yourself to those who are doing something you can’t, at the moment.  
  • Dedicate time every day, even if only for 5 minutes, when you allow yourself to just “be.”  No responsibilities, no computer, no telephone, no visitors.  During this time take a mental break and visualize the most calming environment you can imagine.  This is where you’ll go at other times when you’re experiencing stress.  It will give you a calming focus.

When we start over we need all the love & support we can give ourselves.  Take a Simple Step to nurture your soul in a place where you can heal and move forward.  It is in doing so that you realize you can start over and thrive!


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