You Have To Believe

You have to believe by SIMPLE STEPS

No matter what your past has been or your present is… you can turn it into the life of your dreams… if you believe.  Regardless of any one else’s opinion of your chances for success… or not…  if you believe then you can accomplish everything that want to.  But you have to believe!

I was inspired last night by our guest on our radio show. Patricia Love, who created Smiles & Rainbows: Positive Ways with Patricia Lovebelieves in herself and her ability to overcome, succeed and thrive.  This is an amazing person who despite being raped at gunpoint,  incurring massive debt to care for her ailing Mom, losing her parents and her sister, who was her inspiration, she still believes that something good comes from everything.  This is no Pollyanna… Patricia talks about dealing with all the tragedy in her life yet ultimately making the decision that something positive would come from it.  And that is how she lives her life. 

What are you letting stop you?  What are you allowing about your past or present, to keep you from living a happier life and achieving your dreams. As I listened to Patricia’s resilience I realized that the piece missing from so many of our lives is that we don’t truly believe, deep down, emotionally,  believe in ourselves.  Intellectually we may know that we can but we constantly allow doubt to creep into our hearts and minds because it always has before. 

Patricia shared with us a great Simple Step… and a wonderful way to start every day. 

Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy, you are loved and you are capable of anything you set your mind too.  Do that repeatedly… not matter how silly it may seem. 

Repeating this affirmation helps ingrain in your heart & mind that you can.  And as you come to realize what you can do… you’ll believe… in you! 

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