Can you laugh at yourself?

Can you laugh at yourself by SIMPLE STEPS

When was the last time that you did something really stupid?  It’s like going to the grocery store and leaving your wallet at home.  Really it should have been a no-brainer… but your’s wasn’t in gear.  We won’t mention of course that your driver’s license is in there too…

We all have those moments when we really have to wonder what we were thinking.  Of course we weren’t.  I call these my “duh” moments.  They are different from the infamous “aha” moment when the stars align and you have clarity for the first time. “Duh” moments are those that make us realize that we’re not using the knowledge that we have.

The key is to be able to laugh at our “duh” moments… even when someone else wants to criticize us for not thinking.  I use to think that all my lapses in common sense… or memory meant that I looked stupid.  What I’ve come to understand is that I’m human.  With everything that we have on our plates there are going to be some small details that while, um, necessary, escape us. 

When you can laugh at your foibles you’ve made it to the point where you aren’t sweating the small stuff. And that is a big deal.  The other important thing to realize is when you can let go of the little things  you have more time and brain power to focus on what does matter… to you! 

Try these Simple Steps when you find yourself having a “duh” moment:

  • If you’re alone find the nearest chair or sit on the floor and just laugh.  Let it all out and in doing so you let it go.
  • If you are with someone else you can do the same thing however you may want to include a comment that you’re learning to laugh at yourself and not take the little stuff so seriously.  
  • Write down what you did or didn’t do and stick it in a “duh” jar. When you’re having a really difficult day pull out an “duh” and laugh at it, again. It will help break the tension with whatever you are going through… and you need that. 

There are so many opportunities to laugh at ourselves.  All those moments when you know what you needed to do or not do… but it just escaped you.    That’s ok… it’s part of being human.  And by the way… If I’m writing about it… I’ve experienced it too!

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