Set Your Intention

Set Your Intention by SIMPLE STEPS

Do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you’re going to have a fabulous day?  Or do take the day however it comes and react as needed?  Did you realize that you have a choice? 

Yesterday I received a copy of Paul Boynton’s new book, Beginnings.  A Daily Guide for Adventurous Souls. It contains a  year’s worth of daily inspiration and I knew the minute that I opened it that it would become the way I start my day.

Today’s quote is, “Laugh early and laugh often!”  How is that for simple!?!  A gentle reminder not to take life too seriously.  We all can use that reminder and I needed it this morning.  Paul’s gentle words however set the tone for my day.  You can do the same thing… by setting your intention.  Here are a few Simple Steps to start your day out on the right foot: 

  • Before getting out of bed spend 60 seconds thinking only about what you are grateful for.  I do this every morning and may start with something a simple as being grateful for my pillow, for Jack’s good health and for the rain.  
  • Before going to bed at night make a list of what you want to accomplish tomorrow.  Make the committment before you lay your head down that in the morning you’re going to check off the top 2 items on your list.  (You don’t have to do it all!) When you get up you’re in gear!  
  • Take a jar and put in it slips of paper with your favorite quotes or memories.  Each morning pull out a new slip and read before you start your day. 
  • Keep a book such as Paul’s Beginnings by your bed.  Read the inspiration for the day before you do anything else. 

You get to decide how you’ll start your day… And when you do… it’s so much easier to deal with whatever comes your way!






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