Are You Creating Your Own Grief?

Are you creating your own grief by SIMPLE STEPS

Do you find that you compare yourself with a co-worker, an aggravating neighbor with a successful spouse, your siblings?  How many times do you catch yourself asking why someone else has something or can do something that you don’t think you can or can afford?  How much time do you spend being jealous, envious or just sad because someone else seems to be in a better place than you are?

When we compare our situations to those of another someone is going to “lose.”  Either we feel bad about ourselves or we think someone else should feel less than they are.  Is that really the way you want to be?

We talk often about the fact that we don’t walk in another’s shoes anymore than they walk in ours.  Outward appearances may be nothing even close to their reality.  That new car or house may look pretty… but every day the person who has it may be wondering how they are going to pay for it.  The big job they have may be causing so much stress in their lives that they are miserable… and paying for it with their health.  Or everything could be as it seems. 

When we compare ourselves with another we are wasting time that could be used enjoying life.  There is nothing about another’s life that we can do anything about.  We can only live our own life… and time spent following our heart & soul is going to bring more happiness than feeling “better” than another ever could.  “Things” are fleeting… deep down happiness is everlasting. 

If you find yourself turning green about what another has or does try these Simple Steps:

  • Acknowledge that you are responsible for your own happiness and comparing yourself to another is making a choice to be discontent.
  • Create a list of the parts of your life that you are truly happy and grateful for.  Post them, write them down, update them as needed and refer to them often. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal.  Every time you find yourself feeling blue (or green) read what you have written. 
  • Create a “bucket list” of what you want to do in your lifetime.  Pick one item on the list and focus your efforts on doing what you want to do. 

However you choose to live your life is totally up to you.  I hope that you’ll choose to focus on your own happiness.  It sure is a great use of your time… and your mind!



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