Feel It…


Are you losing your home in foreclosure or bankruptcy?  Did your best friend just pull the rug out from underneath you and you’re sitting there in shock?  Are you in the worst shape of your life and are just angry with yourself?

Are you suppressing all those feelings because you know you “should” be tough?  Are you afraid if you express how you really feel… to yourself or to another… that somehow you’ll lose control or worse, lose respect? 

Unless you allow yourself to work through the feelings you have they are going to eat away at you.  You may have them buried deep inside yourself but they are going to come out… and not in ways that you want.  You may feel physically sick, or know that you are approaching your stress limit or maybe you just blew up at someone because they were there.  Are those places you really want to find yourself? 

When you choose instead to allow yourself to feel the full force of your emotions… to let them out… you give yourself the right to move past them.  And that is your right… just as feeling what you feel is your right.  No one gets to tell you how you should feel. 

Telling yourself how you “should” feel doesn’t help either.  Instead just allow yourself to scream, cry, vent your frustration, or whatever you need to do.  The key is to do so in an environment where you feel safe.  You may be mad at your boss but that doesn’t mean you have to stand in the middle of the department and yell at him.  There are conference rooms for that… or the comfort of your own home where you can share with a friend or family member who can help you work through it. 

When you have let it all out… breathe…  take stock of where you are and then decide where you want to be next.  Whatever happened that effected you so deeply is now part of your past.  Re-living it keeps you in it… choosing to move forward takes you to a better place… a place where you are affirmatively choosing to be happy.  And that too is your right! 

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