Reflect and Radiate

Reflect and Radiate by SIMPLE STEPS

When you are ready to focus on a more peaceful state of mind… a more peaceful life… consider that when we look in a mirror we see our physical body.  When we look back at our life so far we see where we’ve been.  In these we see what we choose to see.  

If however we look deep into our soul we can sense the person that we came here to be.  A hint of what is waiting for us to experience, to become, to shine our light onto this world.  

Try one of these Simple Steps when you know it is your time to find peace:

  • Find that peaceful location where you can be alone with your thoughts.  Close your eyes and visualize your energy emanating outward and bathing everything you see in love.
  • Enter a meeting, a family gathering, your church, your home with a smile on your face.  In your smile radiate the kindness and cooperation that you seek.  What you radiate is reflected.
  • Place a small mirror in front of you as you talk on the telephone.  Observe  your smile and let it shine on everyone you speak with. 

As we see others, we see ourself.  Choose to reflect what you hope for yourself… kindness, grace, compassion and love.  And as you do you radiate the energy that leads with love.


Exceprt from Life, Simply by Cheryl L. Maloney.  Available for free in our books section or on Itunes & Ibooks.

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