Enough Already!

Enough already by SIMPLE STEPS

Have you gotten to the point where you don’t think that you can take one more problem?  You’ve had it with the drama but don’t know how to extricate yourself without coming across as the “bad guy?”  Do you just want everyone to leave you alone so you can  have some peace?

We tend to allow all this stress to build up around us.  That doesn’t mean that we started it… but we sure to want it to end.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do or say someone, somewhere, is going to be unhappy with our choices and they are going to just give us a piece of their mind.

Have you found yourself in this place for far to long or far too often?  At the point of greatest frustration it is easy to lash out.  Doing do however only adds to the drama… and that isn’t what you want.  This is the time where being happy needs to trump being right.

When you have had enough remember that the only thing that you can control is yourself… your actions, your words and your attitude.  Sure it may not be easy to put all these things in check when someone is hammering you… however if you choose the peaceful road… you will be glad that you did.

Keep these Simple Steps in mind when you decide to make the choice to extricate yourself from the drama.

  • Refuse to participate.  This does not require righteous indignation.  It is a simple as saying, “I just don’t want to do this anymore.”  You may say this to yourself or to someone else.  If it is someone that you are very close to add, “I love you and would like to work this out in a way that we show respect to each other.”
  • Walk away from the fight.  Remember that you made the choice to not be part of what is going on.  Your decision doesn’t mean that you no longer believe in yourself or your position.  You are just choosing to be confident in your decision and that doesn’t require approval or agreement from another.
  • Recognize that another’s position or opinion is their choice and they have a right to it.  Even if it is on the complete other end of the spectrum than yours is… it is their right to believe as they choose just as you have the same right.  Ask yourself what you can learn from it.  It may be that the lesson is that you don’t ever want to think that way… or it may be that you can appreciate their view and leave it at agreeing to disagree.

However you decide to let go of whatever is causing the stress… you’ll be in a better place just by making the decision.  Just keep in mind that there are no “once and done” efforts.  Maintain your decision to stay away from the drama and you’re discover that your life takes on a whole new outlook… and it’s a good one!

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