Why do you believe that you are not worthy?  Why do you believe that you do not deserve to be happy or  loved?  Why do you see yourself as less of something than the next person?

You know intuitively that you are a child of universe, of god, of “all that is.” (Pick the one that works for you…) Yet for some reason you are not willing to see that as the child of the universe, of god, of “all that is” that you are perfect just as you are. That doesn’t mean that everything in life is perfect…

If for just one moment you sat and felt the love that the universe, that god, that “all that is” feels for you… you’d never again judge yourself as anything less than the perfect person you are.

If just for that one moment you chose to see everything around through the same eyes of love you’d never judge another person either.

We may not be perfect at doing this… however if you start with a Simple Step… just one moment at a time… you’ll be one step closer to realizing your worthiness, your love, your happiness and your dreams.

So then the question should be “Why Not” realize that you are worthy, that you are loved, that you deserve to be happy… and you deserve to live your dreams?  Why not? 


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