Finding Peace From Your Past

Finding Peace From Your Past by SIMPLE STEPS

Everyone has a story.  If you find that what you are doing right now is dogged by what happened in your past then you may find yourself stuck.   A good way to tell if you are in that place is to ask yourself if you are telling your story to everyone you meet… friends, family & strangers.  

Anything that happened to you or even by your choice, before you started reading this paragraph, is the past.  This is the one time that I will tell you what you can’t do.  You can’t change it.  What you can do is learn from it and move on… 

If someone wronged you in someway their actions were out of your control. Whether it was repeated betrayed or a one time event doesn’t matter.  Every time however you repeat, relive or find yourself getting upset or angry over that event… you are making a choice to be hurt by it.  You aren’t the victim anymore.  They did (in the past)… you are doing (now).  

Bad things do happen to good people. And some are so horrible that we may need professional help to deal with them.  That choice is yours and know that seeking help is a strength… not a weakness.

For everything else you are dealing with you get to decide to learn from the experience and be strengthened or to rail against it and be weakened.  While this may be a simple concept that doesn’t mean that it is easy. What has hurt you may have left a indelible mark.  Acknowledge what caused the original pain. Coming to terms with it helps you get to a more peaceful place.  

Ask yourself what you know now that you didn’t know before this all happened.  What would you do differently now that you know what you know?  Whether it is deciding not to waste time with anyone who doesn’t respect you or doing more research before you decide to make a major purchase you’ve learned something.  While you may have preferred to get this education in a less painful way…  you have it now.  Use it to your advantage.   


This is an excerpt from “Finding Peace, Simply.”  If you are a subscriber to Simple Steps Real Change this book is free.  Otherwise you can purchase it for $.99 here.  A new book is published every 4-6 weeks. 

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