A Different Take on Beliefs

We talk so often about if you believe then you can achieve… whatever it is that you focus on.  That is the classic Law of Attraction. That is the power of positivity.  Oftentimes it seems trite or a hollow phrase used by gurus to get us motivated.

What if though we use what is happening in our lives right now to prove this concept rather than dimissing it as a catch phrase of the positivity people.  This is a Simple Step all by itself.

Right now ask yourself what you believe… truly believe?

  • Do you believe that it’s dog eat dog world?
  • Do you believe that you’ll always struggle?
  • Do you believe that you’ll never find love?
  • Do you believe that you can’t do something?

Take whatever your believe and connect it to where you are right now.  Here’s a couple of example from my own life. 

  • I always believed that I’d be poor.   I paid constant attention to money.  I would download my bank account and check on my credit card statements daily.  I’d obsess about every penny, even when I had a big job, the big salary and by all outward appearances was well off.  My focus was on the lack… on the belief that if I didn’t watch every transaction, every dollar that I’d be poor.  Guess what.  I lost it all… my job, my income, my savings and my investments…  and had nothing left to lose.  I achieved what I believed.
  • For years I’ve believed that I could never lose weight.  If I didn’t diet or exercise that I’d never be healthy let alone fit into the clothes that I wanted to wear.  My focus was on what I didn’t think that I could do and as long as it was… I couldn’t be healthy or in shape. 

I’ve proved to myself that what I believe I achieved.  Unfortunately everything that I believed was exactly the opposite of what I wanted. 

How are you living your beliefs?  What areas of your life are you not happy with?  Examine what you believe and decide if it’s working for you or not.  It wasn’t for me. 

We are the only ones who can change our beliefs to support what we want in life.  If you are at the point where what you are doing doesn’t work for you… it’s time to live as you choose… with better serving beliefs, by design… yours.  Is it Simple, yes!  Is it easy… probably not… but if you want it more than anything it’s worth the effort. 

It’s time… do it for you!


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