What If?

What if today you realized that all the problems that you thought you had disappeared?  What if for just a moment you realized that your possibilities are limitless?  What if all that you have ever wanted in your life came true?

Would you believe it?  Of would you dismiss it?

We are limited by our own belief system… and those beliefs may have been handed down for generations, from a traumatic event… or from someone in your life who you believed was “right.” 

What would you be willing to do to rid yourself of those limiting beliefs in order to live a life of unlimited possibilities and dreams come true? 

As long as you believe you can’t…  you never will.  You have to believe in yourself before you can.  It’s simple.  Yes… actually it is.  Easy, maybe not. 

I have always written about taking one Simple Step… baby step… forward.  And when it comes to believing in yourself taking it one step at a time builds a foundation of more empowering beliefs.  Here are a few Simple Steps.  Use the one that speaks to you!

  • Pick something that you know that you are absolutely great at… and preferabley enjoy.  Turn it into an art form by doing it repeatedly, honing your skills, sharing it with others and offering your services.  When you do this you feel your abilities in every part of your being and it gives you confidence to then spread your wings a little farther.
  • If you currently have a routine that works for you, enhance it.  Add something new.  For example if you are the project leader for a particular responsibility at work as to take on an additional task.  It doesn’t have to be large.  As you add to what you are capable of doing routinely you’ll realize that you’re pushing your comfort zone limit out.
  • If you have something that you have always wanted to do but haven’t felt bold enough to try it… try part of it.  For example if you’ve always been one to stay close to home (I know that I am) and your friends want to go to Europe suggest a trip to another state for the weekend first.  Begin pushing your limits in the direction of your dreams.

We can stay in the comfort zone and wonder “what if?”  Or we can push out of that zone and realize the “if’s!”  Do what calls you!

4 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Lilolme,
    You are sure not alone in how you feel and how frustrating it can be. We tend to be our own worst enemies even when we want the best for ourselves.
    My first suggestion is that you need to be easier on yourself. You don't have a mental block… you're not ready. I get those too… more often than I'd like to admit… but it is what happens when there is something that we have to learn, to deal with, before we can let go.
    Next… I am going to suggest that you focus on what is good because it feels better and it also releases the negative energy that all by itself can keep you back. Take a look at all that is good in your life right now. Focus on only that. When you're grateful for everything in life… including the challenges… you release yourself to do more.
    Last… and this is more of a brief observation of the little bit on detail you gave me. Any simple step… or any other step forward is not once and done. We tend to think when results are immediate that it doesn't work for us so we give up. That's been the story of my own life. When I realized that I allowed myself to be easily derailed I understood that what I thought that I wanted… I didn't want bad enough. When you are passionate about something then you won't let anything derail you. If you are easily stopped by a failure, misstep, naysayer or some type of problem then you're not 100% committed to whatever it is. That's ok. Most of the time what we think that we want isn't what we really want…we just haven't figured it out.
    Ask yourself what matters more to you than anything else? Are you willing to put everything else aside to achieve it? When you can say yes to that last question then you won't be blocked… you won't be stopped.
    Give these things some thought. I'm always here if you want to continue the discussion or write to me at Cheryl@SimpleStepsRealChange.com.

    With love, Cheryl

  2. ok, so I love these blogs-and I want this but even doing those steps-it isnt making a difference, I have such a mental block to letting go and being the greatest I can be without fear-its my last challenge and I know im trapping myself-so WHAT do i do?? i really need direction

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