Don’t Let “Should” Be the Reason…

How often do you find yourself wondering if this is all there is to life… yet not knowing what to do about it?  Are you ready to make a change yet don’t know how to… let alone what to do?   This is a common thread that I hear from so many people.  I know that I have been there too.

There are a couple of things that come to mind when I hear these concerns. 

First, there is more to life than how you are living right now.  If you are happy with “what is” though you have no reason, let alone motivation, to make a change… so don’t think that you have to.  If however you are not where you want to be don’t think that you have to make a change for the sake of changing.  Wait until you can make a deliberate change…  the one that means you pursue your dreams, aspirations or happiness.

Second, realize that you have to truly want to make a specific change in order for it to be successful.  For example if everyone tells you that you should change your looks, find a new job or partner, or anything else… if you don’t want to do those things you’re never going to be committed to that action.  If you’re not… any roadblock, naysayer or negative experience is going to derail your progress.  You may perceive that as a failure which feels even worse than before you started.   It is not a failure though!   It just wasn’t the right thing for you to do… 

“Don’t “should” all over yourself” – Pam Thomas, Internal Beauty Boot Camp

Remember that when something is important enough to you… you’ll do it.  Until then spend your time and effort doing what makes you happy.  Drop the “shoulds” and wait for the “absolutely want to” that calls you from every fiber of your being.  That’s when it’s your time to make a change.

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