Did You Catch That Simple Step You Took?

How many times (a day) do you find yourself falling back into old destructive habits that you know don’t serve you well?  Do you hear yourself speaking words that you swore you’d never let escape from your lips? Do you catch yourself and stop and make a different decision? 


You’ve just taken a Simple Step!

Last week I found myself in this position.  I use to rely on guru’s to tell me what to do with my life.  I’d find a way to go to seminars, buy their products and services… even if it meant spending money that I didn’t have.  I was searching for an answer outside of me.  It took me crashing & burning financially to realize that…  The proverbial “aha” moment when I realized that all that I needed was inside of me. 

It is however an experience that taught me a lesson… Actually it taught me two lessons.  First, to quit looking to others to have the answers for what I need in life.  Second, to realize that no matter how good something looks and maybe is… if it doesn’t feel right to me saying “no” is ok. 

Today’s blog is about celebrating what you can do. For me it’s saying “no.”  For you it may be saying “yes” to yourself, to a relationship, to following your dreams.    Whatever you find yourself doing, that is better for you than what you use to do, is a reason to congratulate yourself, toast your success and to remember that you are moving forward. 

And that Simple Step… is Real Change!

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