Ask Yourself Why

We start off every new year with a promise to ourselves that we’ll lose 20 pounds, save for a a vacation or  something new or that we’ll be kinder to everyone we meet.  Yet somewhere along the line we realize we’ve done nothing towards those goals or aspirations. If we’ve tried before and been unsuccessful, in our opinion, starting… again… we are almost defeated before we even take that Simple Step.

Are you sitting there saying, “been there, done that?”  Or maybe instead you’re thinking that there is so much to do that you don’t know where to start.  As I stepped outside today, walking shoes on, starting again one thought kept running through my head,

I may not be able do it all today but I can do something. 

This is not the first time I’ve taken up walking to get in better shape. Ultimately I need to do so many other things too including eating healthier, adding resistance exercises and drinking more water.  I know that if I put these “shoulds” on my shoulders right now that they won’t get done… or at least not consistently and all they will do is serve to make me feel worse about myself. 

So today it’s about walking…  I walked around the neighborhood.  Easy peasy.  And I may do just that for the next week or two, most days.  When I feel stronger then I can go a little farther.  Or maybe I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and have an extra few ounces of water.  Whatever I choose to add to my efforts will be in my time and when I’m ready to kick it up a notch.  And not when someone else tells me I “have to.” 

You can do the exact same thing with your goal.  Your time, your terms.  When you’re ready to move forward try these Simple Steps:

  • Determine what your ultimate goal is.  For me I want to be healthier and in good enough shape to want to go hiking when Jack goes on some of his photography trips.  Maybe you want to write your first book or find a new career that nurtures your soul.
  • List everything that you can think of that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal.  I gave you mine above.  Do you want to write a book?  Perhaps you need to gather all your notes and scribbles or just put your thoughts about what you want to write about on paper.  Organize them, fill in the gaps, refine your message, create the points that make you different from others writing about the same thing.  You get the idea.
  • Look at your list and pick the first thing that “calls” you.  You know what that is… the thing that you keep getting drawn back to whether physically or mentally.  Now do that… or take that step and break it down into smaller tasks and choose one of those. 

Set aside a few minutes every day to focus on what you want to accomplish.  Whether it is 20 minutes to walk around the block or jotting down notes before you go to sleep at night… decide to do something.  You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it all right now.  Do something and with each something that you do congratulate yourself for your success.  When you do… you’ll feel better about you and pursuing your dreams.

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