Little Aggravations

What is that little aggravating thing that never fails to derail your thoughts and creates stress every time?  Do you find yourself sitting and obsessing about stuff that can only be considered stupid… in your own opinion… yet you are at a loss on how to banish it from your thoughts and move on?

For me it is anything to do with money.  It doesn’t matter if it is $5.00 or $500… I can find a way to allow it to occupy my thoughts… and keep me from doing what I set out to do.  Perhaps for you it is a particular person who always seems to get under your skin or a pending “to do” item that you don’t want to do but can’t get it off your mind. 

I heard this great line that is in essence, “If it’s still on your mind, you care.”  The question is do you care because it’s important to you, because you have a need to have control or at least the last word… or maybe it’s all about the person involved… someone you want to please or even someone you can’t stand. 

Whatever the reason is we have to find a way to banish the effects of it from our thoughts or we are not going to be able to get past it.  When your ready try these Simple Steps:

  • Distract yourself with something that matters more than this issue does.  For me… it is anything having to do with my immediate family… Jack, my mom, my pets.  Taking CJ out for a walk or playing Frisbee with him allows me to do something that I enjoy.  It is in enjoying what we are doing that enables us to shift our perspective.  Maybe listening to music, window shopping or meeting a friend at Starbuck’s would work for you.
  • Take 5 minutes and write down everything about the situation that is gnawing at you.  Look over your list… without judgement and acknowledge how you feel.  Next go through the list again and ask yourself gently what really doesn’t matter.  Cross those items off the list.  Whatever is left decide to take action on. 
  • Bless the situation or person that is aggravating you.  Take a few minutes, close your eyes if you can, and visualize the situation resolved peacefully or the person surrounded by positive energy and light.  However it works for you to do this… lead with love. 

Rather than spending a day or longer upset or annoyed by the situation take a few minutes right now to diffuse the energy that is bringing you down.  Nothing about this is worth being aggravated about… and you have more positive things to focus on… right?!?

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