Resist Resistance

Have you ever been told by someone that you’re not living in the “real world?”  Do they tell you that you dreams and desires are nothing more than a fantasy and you need to “get real?”  How many times have you quit talking or even backed down when someone tells you that you’ll never do what you want to do?

Today’s blog is written for everyone who has ever had a dream and been faced by family and friends who are at the very least not encouraging you… and at the worst telling you to be more responsible.  It’s up to you how you respond to them in person… but I want to hear you say a big “Watch Me!” 

I remember as a child my Dad told me that I would never find a needle in the haystack.  It was actually a tiny cotter pin in a pile of gravel.  I proved him wrong in seconds.  Then there were the people who said that Jack & I would never last.  Thirty three years later they know that they were wrong. 

We can do absolutely anything we set our minds to.  Sure we may do it differently than we ever imagined but then I think that reflects the limitless possibilities in the universe. 

If you have something that you want and aren’t feeling the support of others try these Simple Steps:

  • Decide what you want and how badly you want it.  Unless you want something more than anything else and are willing to sacrifice lesser goals for the big banana… you’re going to allow others to dissuade you.   Your decision has to be a goal, a dream, that calls you above the din of the noise around you.
  • Research if necessary but at very least write down everything that you need to do to accomplish your goal.  If you want to travel to Europe your list might include obtaining a passport, saving enough money to enjoy the trip, researching where you want to go and what you want to see, convincing  your partner or friends to join you (or not), finding the best deals and making reservations. 
  • Prioritize the list in a manner that works for you.  You can put the smaller, easily attainable steps first or mix them in with other that require more time and effort.
  • Now move forward!  Start checking items off your list. One at a time…

If you notice that the steps do not include challenging the naysayers.  Why? Because this is all about you.  If it is important enough to you then you keep your focus on your dream.  You have a plan, you’re taking action and you’re succeeding.  And when you jet off to Europe those who didn’t support you before will realize they were wrong about you.  That’s on them… not on you.  You’re out doing what you love… and that is what it is all about! 



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