6 thoughts on “Make Your Dream A Reality

  1. Counselor Track, Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you being here and taking the time to write. I think that we all do what calls to us in our soul… And the more of us who listen… the more that we can help others hear their own voice. Namaste', with love, Cheryl

  2. Flower, Why? You are the only one who can let go and soar… and I know… that you know… that you can! Start with something small… build up. What one thing would you love to do that costs no money and little time. Go do that first… I know that you can! Sending love & freeing energy! Cheryl

  3. Hey Cheryl, it seems Ive stopped allowing myself to dream. I can feel my sparkle inside crying to live…….x

  4. Karen, I know exactly how you feel! I was in the place for most of my 56 years. It was if I wouldn't give myself permission to dream. It was irresponsible… and then did I really deserve to have a dream or did I need to "get real." Karen you absolutely have a dream inside of you… it is waiting for you to discover it. If you aren't ready to build your dream and pursue it… it may be that you need to give yourself permission to do so. I don't know you history… but I can recommend a wonderful website with tons of free material that can help you move forward. Pam Thomas was a quest on our show 2 weeks ago. Here is a link to the radio show. Go to November 29 th to listen. http://www.empoweradio.com/home/shows/simple-steps-real-change/1276-Simple-Steps-Real-Change.html
    Where it says 'Click here to listen, " right click and save it to your desktop. You can play it from there are your convenience. There is a link there to Pam's Internal Beauty Boot Camp. I think that you'll find so much that could help you take a step.
    Karen, we are always here for you!
    Much love, Cheryl

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