What’s In An Attitude?

What’s In An Attitude by SimpleStepsRealChange.com

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Or perhaps you’ve had enough of being unemployed, unable to pay your bills, can’t buy anything that you want.  Maybe you don’t want to be alone anymore but “all the good ones are taken.”  You’re not alone!

There is plenty of “Real Life” that we all have to deal with… every day.  In my case I’ve been unemployed since March 2009, all my savings tanked with the real estate market and I would love to have an income.  My ‘Real Life” isn’t all that unusual these days.  At a time when I thought that I’d be retiring I’m starting all over again.

I’m pretty open with my life because I believe if you understand what I’ve come through… you’ll realize that Simple Steps… Real Change comes from a real person… not someone with idle time and money to burn.   Still there those who believe that they are the only ones going through a tough time.  Like somehow their situation is different because they are struggling to make ends meet.  With 10% of the population unemployed and millions more who aren’t even counted in that statistic…  there are more similarities than there are differences.

Regardless of what your challenge may be… you are still 100% in control of your attitude.  We may get grouchy, stressed and overwhelmed because of “Real Life”… but life goes on.  It is our choice to focus on what makes us unhappy or to focus on what we can do to make it different.  I’d like to share with you the stories of a couple special folks who live by their attitudes.

I met a new friend, Adrianne Reo, when I was at a seminar last week.  Like me Adrianne had been unemployed for over two years.  She has been doing everything that she could to find a new job and bring money into her home.  Rather than focusing on what she didn’t have Adrianne focused on helping others.  She created the “Reo Backpack” for homeless children in Los Angeles.  Adrianna used her time to find donators to contribute $35 so that she could fill a backpack with school supplies.  Then she found a way to double her efforts by helping two children for every one donation.  Did she have a real need to have a paying job to support herself, absolutely!  But rather than focus her attitude on what she didn’t have… she focused on what she could do… help others.  And in helping others she helped herself. 

Here’s another “Real Life” story from my life.  Jack is my husband of 32 years.  These last few years we’ve been side by side going through financial devastation, the death of my father, caring for my blind mother and during this time we were living far away from our home and friends.   Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any worse Jack was diagnosed with cancer.  It would have been easy to let both of our worlds fall apart at that point.  We certainly had every excuse to think that life would always be hard.  Jack however had a different idea.  Even as he went through surgery and radiation he maintained the attitude that 99% of his body was healthy and he was going to focus on the 99% not the 1% that wasn’t.  There is nothing about cancer treatment that is easy… His attitude though made all the difference… for both of us and even those who were caring for him.

We all have met people that we wonder how they managed to keep a positive attitude despite the challenges in their lives.  They do so because it is the choice they make.  We all get to make the same choice. If you are ready to find a better place in your life try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Focus first on those needs involving your safety, security and health.  If your efforts haven’t been working as you have hoped, seek help.  Whether it is from family and friends, community outreach programs or your church… you are not without resources.  While they may not be your preferred avenue it is better to ask for help then to feel helpless and afraid. Now is not the time to let your ego or pride get in the way. Just because you need to seek help right now doesn’t mean that you always will.  Consider also that when you believe that this is a temporary setback and then you are morel committed to creating a secure life for yourself.  Others will be more likely to help you because of your positive approach to a temporary situation.
  • If your needs involve doing without something that has always been important to you (but not safety, security or health related) then recognize that doing without for a period of time doesn’t mean that the situation is permanent.  You will take so much pressure off of yourself when you understand that what you are going through is temporary. Resolve to get back to it when you can and realize that this time doing without will give you a new appreciation for it.
  • If someone in your life is unhappy, unkind, hostile, argumentative or any other way that feels hurtful to you… realize that their attitude is their choice.  You don’t have to respond in kind.  You can’t make them happy anymore than they can make you happy. 

Life sometimes is hard… There is a simple way to deal with it.  Choose your attitude.  It’s yours and 100% in your control.  When you realize that…  you’ll know that you can deal with anything. 

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