Be Happy for Others… And Happy for Yourself!

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When you look upon someone else’s success… what is your first thought?  Are you happy for them?  Wonder why not you?  Do you think of something negative about them that somehow devalues their achievement? Or do you look to them for inspiration and as a role model? 

How you choose to view another directly effects you.  If your thoughts are negative then your life will continue along path where you are never really happy.  It is as if you think that there is a competition between you and this other person… even if you don’t even know them.  Your mind goes into this place of “lack”…  As you compare yourself to another, which is exactly what you are doing, one or the other of you is going to come up on the short end of the stick.  The process alone wreaks of negativity.

There is no lack in the world.  Someone else having a successful career or home life doesn’t deprive you or anyone else of having one too.  There is an unlimted supply of happiness.  Sure there may be limits on some material items… but they will never make you happy.

When you instead choose to be happy for the other person, genuinely happy, you start a ripple of positivity that spreads quickly… and envelopes your life in positive energy.  It is what you give that you receive back.  And there is abundance beyond your wildest dreams when you stay in the mind frame where blessings rule!

If you need a little help overcoming jealousy over another’s success try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Ask yourself what another’s success deprives you of.  Make a list. 
  • If you have anything on this list at all ask yourself if you are incapable of obtaining/achieving that particular item.  If you aren’t then you’ll realize that another’s success doesn’t effect you negatively.
  • If you find something that you believe that you can’t achieve because the other person has ask yourself if your thought about it is true?  Or can you obtain or achieve it in some other way or time?  Maybe the exact “prize” is taken… but the world is filled with prizes ripe for the picking!

When you master the mindset of being genuinely happy for another you’ll realize that you have mastered the art of being happy for yourself.  And that feels great!

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