Reward Yourself

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So often we neglect to celebrate our successes… even those little wins.  Whether it is the 2 ounces that we lost or the Simple Step that we took… focusing on the positive aspects of life attracts more of the good things our way. And we all want more of that right?!?

Sometimes we have to make an concerted effort to reward and recognize what we have done.  It doesn’t have to be any grand gesture… but it does have to be something that has meaning… to you.  When you decide to celebrate your Simple Steps try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Give yourself the gift of time.  It costs you nothing but nets great benefits.  Treat yourself to 30-60 minutes of “Me” time.  Whether you soak in a bubble bath, read in peace or take a walk in the park…all that matters is that what you choose to do during your time is what you enjoy.
  • Reward yourself with a new aspect of yourself.  For example for every stride that you make in getting in shape or becoming more fit try a new haircut or hair color.  Let your hair grown in a bit longer or cut it off shorter.  The idea here is to give yourself the gift of change… all of which are not permanent unless you want them to be.
  • If you are motivated by money then set up goals with financial rewards.  Let’s say if you are trying to get healthy by walking or working out more often then transfer $ 5 or $10 into a savings account for every milestone.  When you reach a certain savings you can indulge in a massage, a facial or even a weekend away.

I hope that you will share your ideas on how to reward yourself!  What you do may just make a difference in someone else’s life!  And that is a reward it itself! 

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