Rely on You!

Rely on You by

In my life I’ve turned responsibility for key decisions over to others.  Somewhere along the line I believed that others were a better judge of what I needed to do than I was.  I am not sure where that belief came from but up until everything was turned upside down in my life… others opinions trumped mine.

If you find yourself looking to others for validation or approval you are going to miss out on the purpose of life… to live it as you choose.  Sure there are times when you need expert advice.  That’s not what I’m talking about.   The decisions that you make about how to live your life can only be made by you.   No one but you has your best interest in mind.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t well meaning people out there who want to help you.  There are.  But they only know what they would do.  That might not be right for you.

If you are looking to bolster your self-reliance try this Simple Step:

  • Have a conversation with you.  Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and ask yourself the question.  A key here is to know exactly what the question is that you want answered.  Ask it out loud or quietly.  Then be still.  Listen to the voice inside your head.  If the answer doesn’t seem clear then check to see if the question that you are asking is clear.  If it isn’t then refine and re-ask. 
  • Start off with a minor question. (Should I have coffee or tea?  Should I drive the interstate or take the back roads?)   Until you are used to your own voice you’re going to second guess what you hear.  Start small and build up.  Once you develop a track record step up to bigger questions.
  • Keep track of your questions and responses.  Look back on them often.  This reinforces your confidence in your own inner voice…  and then motivation to take another step.

When you listen to your inner voice it won’t steer you wrong.  When you believe in the power of your inner voice you begin to live the life of your dreams.  And that does feel great! 


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