What’s the Use?

Audio Blog – August 11, 2011 by SimpleStepsRealChange.com

Do you have times when you just feel like why should you bother?  No matter what you do it’s not going to be good enough… or worse you know that you’re going to screw it up anyway?  When we get beat down for so long it’s really hard to even want to get back up. 

We tend to get to this place when there is a series of mistakes, problems, challenges or just plain old bad stuff that happens.  It doesn’t matter if it’s small stuff… or really big.  The constant negative vibe wears us down.

If you find yourself in this place try these Simple Steps to up your energy and get back to a positive place:

  • Make a list of all of your successes or positive experiences.  For example if it is work that isn’t working take the time to go through and identify all of the good experiences that you’ve had in the past.  No item is too small for this.  Example might be complements that you have received from your customers or clients, special projects that you have been given because of your ability, a raise or bonus when business wasn’t the best.  Keep this list and add to it as you remember other positive situations.
  • Next consider the last few days or hours where it wasn’t going the way that you hoped.  How do these compare to the list that you created above?  This step is about adding some perspective.  A client barking at you all day long may have nothing to do with you and more to do with what is going on in their life. (And the same might be true of your boss. )
  • If in this process you have learned something about yourself write it down or better yet say it out loud.  For example, “I usually take good care of my customers and they are happy with our services.  Today I didn’t call the customer back like I promised and they are upset and talked to my boss.  I am going to call them and apologize and take that extra step to make this right.”  Then do what you know that you need to.

It isn’t all the negative situations that wear us down… it is what we do in response to them.  When we keep them in perspective and handle them with dignity and grace they become success stories.   And isn’t that what your track record is anyway? When you focus on the bigger picture… the picture of your successes then you’ll realize what you are going through is just an experience.  One of many.  Focus on the positive!

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