Consider New Options

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We go through our lives doing what we know how to do and thinking along the same lines that we always have.  That is a great thing when you are happy with your life and believe that it just can’t be any better than it is right now. If however you are not totally satisfied with your life…I know that I’m not… then perhaps it may be time to expand you horizons.

I’m an avid reader… so I’ll pick up any book that “calls” me.  I let books be my introduction to seeing life differently. Reading is totally risk free. Though for me it opens up possibilities in my thinking that result in real change!

This week I was listening to Empower Radio.  Liz Grover was being interviewed and I found myself being drawn into her sense of adventure.  Liz sets out to explore foreign countries with a few dollars in her pocket and the belief that it will all work out when she gets there. 

While Liz and I have very different approaches our need to see life differently is not.

Somewhere in between these two extremes may be where your comfort zone resides.  What works for one may not work for another.  That’s ok.  But out there, somewhere, is another perspective that you’ve yet to find and it’s time to explore! When you are ready to expand your horizons try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Decide how much risk you are willing to take.  Whether it’s reading a book or jumping on a plane there is a long stretch of options in between.  You get to decide what works for you.  
  • List out all the ways that you could explore new avenues that fit within your comfort zone.  If you tend to be more conservative then looking on line for new web sites, attending seminars or reading a new book may be the way to go.  For those of you that are more adventurous seek out role models who are doing what you want to do and contact them.  Too bold?  Go to their website and sign up for a one on one coaching type call or in-person seminar. Now pick one thing to try and go for it!
  • We’ve added a Recommended Reading section to our website.  If you want to try something new the books here range from Law of Attraction & Metaphysics to books on finding happiness.  It also includes books by some of our favorite friends including Michael Merritt, Paul Boynton and Deanna Davis. 

You’ve heard the phrase before…

If you always do what you’ve always done don’t expect anything to change. 

It’s time to try something new… you decide how bold or conservative… just try it!  It may be exactly what you needed to catapult you to your dreams! 


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