Playing it Safe?

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Are you the person who sits back and waits until the stars are aligned before making a decision?  Will you not take action if you aren’t 100% sure that it is the right thing to do?  Are you so cautious that you find yourself doing nothing rather than making a decision… for fear that you’ll make the wrong one?

News Flash – Not making a decision is a decision.  You choose to do nothing. As long as you do nothing… you will never realize your dreams.  Is that what you want?

“Life is not tried it is merely survived…If you’re standing outside the fire.”  Garth Brooks and Jenny Yates

When you are ready to move forward… in the direction of your dream try this Simple Step:

  • Make a “bucket” list.  That’s where you write down everything that you want to do.  (Before you die, by the time you turn 55, or some other timeframe of your choosing.)
  • Prioritize the list.  In this case list the easiest or least intimidating one first and build up from there. 
  • Focus on the first task and just go do it!  With that one crossed off your list move onto the next one. 

Every item that you cross off your bucket list gives you confidence to the next one.  When you keep taking one Simple Step at a time you’ll do more than survive… you’ll thrive!  And that feels so good! 

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