Unlimiting Yourself – Part II

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If there are no limits then why do we feel limited? While most people are excited with the possibility that their lives are limitless… in the next thought it’s like “yes, but, it’s not all that easy.”  That is followed by a litany of reasons why what is a simple concept becomes a challenging issue.

We place limitations on ourselves.  Sure as children our parents may have given us rules… but we’re not children needing protection any more.  We do have to work within the policies of employers, the law and government.  But that is not what we are talking about here.  We are talking about the lack of limits on our ability to be happy.

What someone else does or says doesn’t limit us.  Where we live, what we do or do not “have” doesn’t limit us.  We are not limited because of money, time or perceived ability.  If you are like me just a few years back I was responding to this comment with something along the line of “that all sounds nice but how do you expect me to pay the bills?  I have to feed my family so I don’t have time to enjoy life, I have to work.”

Even in the most dire of circumstances we can choose to be  happy… if we want to.  The limits that we place on ourselves are because we’ve don’t know how to think otherwise.  If you are looking to unlimit yourself try one of these Simple Steps:

  •  Do without something that has become ingrained in your day to day existence.  Pick something to eliminate that won’t effect anyone else.  Start small and build up.   Perhaps it is going without your morning Starbucks and making  your own coffee, taking mass transit or walking rather than driving your car, doing without a bi-weekly manicure and doing it yourself.  You’ll realize after a while that you didn’t “have” to have it all along.  You have just removed a “limit” in your life!
  • If there is something that you truly want to do in life, but can’t see how you can, then try exploring alternatives.  These could be obvious options that you just didn’t want to consider or something totally outrageous that you’re not sure that you have the nerve to do.  For example we have many new Facebook pages that want to draw more friends to their site.  FB advertising is extremely expensive so if they have no funds to purchase an ad they may think that growing their page is an impossible task.  However by sharing posts with other pages, asking for help from friends, developing a presence on other social media sites they can grow their pages too.  Sure it might not happen as fast as it would with an ad… but then this is a journey not a race.  This is a Simple Step where you not only look outside the box but you get rid of it altogether. 

Just because in your current circumstances you aren’t where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t get there.  If you truly want something you’ll find a way! It will require you to break down old barriers and eliminate beliefs that don’t serve you.  It’s all up to you to decide how important what you want is to your happiness.  It’s your choice and making it feels great!



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