How Do You Define Yourself?

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Facebook provides a unique opportunity to define ourselves by the moniker that we create.  We can be “Born for Love, “Child of God” or “Making Hay.”  Or we can be ourselves.   Life is pretty much the same… unless we decide to define ourselves by some event in our life.

We’ve had friends refer to themselves as “losers,” “unlovable,” and even “stupid.”  What we call ourselves is how we see ourselves and as long as we stay steeped in negativity it is all that we will ever experience.  For those who are trying to find “Real Change” in your life… how are those labels working for you?  Do you still think  that some event in your life as what defines who you are?

  • Every time that we say that we are “challenged,” we are.
  • Every time that we think that we are “a failure,” we are.
  • Every time that we think that we are “resourceful,” we are.
  • Every time that we think that we are “loved,” we are.

How are you defining your life?  We become what we think about so why not start with thinking the best of ourselves?

When you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself try this Simple Step and discover the Real Change!

  • Stop.  Say “NO!”  That thought doesn’t serve me.  I am not that person.  I am resourceful/loved/creative/smart/happy/ (fill in the positive word that describes who you really are.) 
  • Repeat every single time the negativity creeps into your head. 

When we change how we think about ourselves we change our lives.  It’s that Simple!  And it feels great!



2 thoughts on “How Do You Define Yourself?

  1. Love this post!
    Thank you, Cheryl for sharing the Joy of truly living the POSITIVE life 🙂
    Positivity lifts us up 🙂
    Negativity pulls us down

    Embrace each moment with a Positive Passion 🙂
    Namaste ~ xo

  2. a dear friend recently "monikered ME", . . . A real switcheroo for the gal who has given Nicknames to all her Peeps, since, probably the 70s. Although its creation was based on his current impression, for me – it is one I aspire to 'grow Up & Into' –
    Lady -K, Ministra Of Joy, in Saint Louis

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