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You’re ready to pursue your dream and a million things are going through your head.  You start working on something then get distracted and jump on the next task that you think needs done now.  A few minutes later or a day you’ back to the original or you’ve moved off and onto something totally different. 

B R E A T H E!!!

It is natural to be excited about pursuing your dream!  You never want to lose that passion.  When however you are overwhelmed, disorganized or maybe even scattered your dream could be over before you even start.

B R E A T H E!!!

Life is a journey and pursing our dreams is all part of the trip. This isn’t a race and you don’t score points for how fast you can move.  Sure there is something to be said about getting a product to market in record time… but that is not what I’m talking about here.  If we are to accomplish our dreams then we need to go about it in a manner that assures us that we’re covering all the bases needed to succeed.

B R E A T H E!!!

I have started many a project from a knee jerk reaction.  Remember “Good Happens?”  That was a product line that I jumped on without really thinking it through.  Jack designed a logo, shirts & bags were ordered, money spent.  What was missing was any idea on how to market, sell and handle the logistics of having a product line.  I ended up spending twice what I’d planned and in the end gave most of the products away. 

When we have a dream we need to take the time to make a plan.  This is where taking a breath comes in!  We need to take the time to think it through and set ourselves up for success!

If the goal involves a business… then there needs to be a business plan.  If you want to live in a certain town or neighborhood then you need a plan on how to find a place to live, have the funds to buy or rent, moving expenses and the usual transition detail such as forwarding mail, notifying friends and family and setting up the utilities.  Can you imagine moving and not knowing where you were going to live. (Ok some free spirits can do that well.  I’m not one of them!)

When you are ready to leap forward into your dream make sure to take the two Simple Steps:

  • B R E A T H E
  • P L A N

… in that order!  When you do you’ll be on the journey toward achieving your dream and that feels fabulous!


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