Educate Yourself First

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The difference between having a dream and a wish is intent.  When your dreams aren’t moving into reality it’s time to lay the foundation from which to build your dream.  Doing so requires that we appreciate all the parts that make up our dream.

When we are acting on our dreams then it usually means we are pursuing something that we have never done before… or at least not done in the way that we want to now.  Our dreams evolve as we do in life.

In order to know what we are facing we have to take the Simple Step to educate ourselves.  For example if your dream is to travel the world you have to be willing to go with the flow that exists in places you have never been.  Cultures, languages, climates and political landscapes may all be dynamics that you have to be prepared to deal with.  Educating yourself about them before going is a must.   If your goal is to write a book you need to understand what the options are to publish it.

Before you jump into building your dream take the time to know where you are going.  Because,

“If you don’t know where you’re going you might end up somewhere else.” – Casey Stengel

Consider educating yourself as the opportunity to set yourself up for success on solid ground.  Even if solid ground is starting at the bottom at least you know that you have a good place to push off from!


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