What you believe you see

If you are a person who is skeptical of anything until you see proof you may be waiting along time to experience the life of your dreams.  For example if you have had a series of bad relationships it’s in your mind you believe you are destined to not meet the right partner. 

It is however when you truly believe that you see your belief manifest itself in your life.  Why?  Because when you feel it deep in your soul you are tuned in to see it.  Consider it your personal radar device  Did you ever buy a new car only to drive off the dealership lot and see your car at every turn?  Your radar was tuned to a new car frequency.

The same is true for how you see life.  If you watch the nightly news it is easy to assume that most of what is going on in the world is bad. In reality the media focuses on what sells and that is controvery, pain and suffering. 


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